Saturday, August 21, 2010

Exam's pending

Amongst the nerves and negotiations. My girl really wants a distinction, she hasn't gotten there since here first exam, but each year she tries, this year she's worked really hard ...the negotiation, I get a block of chocolate if she gets her distinction, if she doesn't one mini bar for each mark under..I think she still wants a good mark.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Truth, Beauty, Virtue

Yesterday we left the house just as dawn rose and headed for the mountains....Petra's "War and Remembrance" on the tape deck  for a day of refreshment.

Drinking deeply,

trusting, laughing, flying...

Heading home as the clouds came in

Enjoying what fills our souls and refreshes

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Settling an out of control year

This morning  I woke up, still chewing over the stress that has crept into our home school and a steady stream of posts like this one that has me revisiting the idea that our home school is not meant to be a stressful race to finish each lesson. I've been tossing around all week what to do.

Do we combine back to our routine of  one humanities subject a week, essay and art project at the end...freedom, or do we race to get through what we have been struggling to achieve...a full Veritas humanities program.

Do I combine kids who, well truly are benefiting from separate courses, especially the youngest who is a visual learner and loves his independence and isn't ready at all for omnibus related conversations. Or the oldest who has tried to step up to the mark but missed out from art and writing sliding off the desk because we aren't finished the week yet.

Ahaa... instead of combining, but still taking back control of our curriculum, I'm going to drop back to one humanities subject a week, just one focus for our learning, one book or idea to play with. Yes. I'm actually staarating to enjoy my weekend and look forward to next week.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Running in circles

For most of this year, my blog has been quiet, my garden empty and my desk a mess of busyness. Its been a year of transition, transitioning from elementary to junior high, or rather primary intermediate to college in NZ terms. From short stories, narrations and hands on projects to longer works and a new, uncomfortable way of doing things too busy. Willa hit it on the nail over here and  here. School has overstepped it bounds and become heavy - very heavy.

Once again I am torn by doing what is best for each of my children individually ( according to the curriculum providers,) or of joining then together into a one room home again... and simplifying. Or is is simply that I need to take back control and prayerfully run things...Much to pray about.  Largely because to put everyone together is to undo a lot that is working and to move into waters that become very slow moving. The third option is simply to slow down, take one day and at a time, renew our strength and get rid of the clutter. And to go skiing.... nothing clears you head of business like a day on the mountain. For the moment I'll take the third option and see where we get to.