Friday, November 14, 2008

3 days to go

We've spent the last five weeks, painting gib-ing, sanding and plastering and we almost have a new interior - 2 bedrooms, on dining lounge and one hall way renewed just waiting for the carpet layer to come and lay the carpet. The boys have to wait until summer before Dad faces painting their room, and the bathrooms and laundry will have to wait until we have the energy to face painting again ...but slowly the transformation is coming to an end.

Tonight we'll have our family nigh camp style in the lounge our rooms either being empty, or stacked with furniture for the carpet layers first day. I am so looking forward to seeing what it looks like and so looking forward to living in a tidy house again.

In the meantime my garden is growing and blooming, and my kids well they're waiting for mum to be more focused.

The break though has been good - I'm not nearly as stressed as I was last term, funny since I have much more to stress me now.