Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Maths Lesson

The math was so hard on that day, 
When number lines came to play. 
Digits more numerous than hay, 
Yet rightly used have a simple way, 
Which we may one day understand. 

The numbers go on, never end, 
 Not left nor right do they bend. 
And no letters do they ever send 
In lines that do not ever end 
Which we may one day understand. 

Some digits, positives are tumblers 
And Zero is no fumbler, 
 Negative numbers do not slumber 
Irrational be many a number 
Which we may one day understand. 

By the Artist 28 August 2012 

I love how subjects intertwine in a classical education, even if we aren't always enjoying them, and need to handle them in a different discipline. 


Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Week of Snow, Some Good, Some Not So Good

We finally got up the mountain, two snow days in the midst of what has been a way to busy term.

The first managed to be our worst day up there, the weather changed, first hubby got caught in whiteout and twisted his knee.

While I was down in the medical center with him the whiteout moved up the mountain to where our kids and some other homeschool families were skiing. I hear my daughter did a great job of leading them safely down to the bottom of the run to where my boys were waiting, then they took over leading the way down the rest of the mountain.

To finish the day, as we were leaving, I pulled my car in towards the shuttle/pick up area to collect hubby, was waved on by the attendant, despite everyone calling out that I was picking up someone who was injured, and pulling forward ended up in the path of a backing vehicle. Fortunately no significant damage to our car.  I think the guy backing was relieved at that.

After a week of trying to sort things out, we had another chance at my husbands insistence to go up the mountain, Blue skies, no wind, more snow on the trails..an awesome day to remember and soak in the beauty that God has made and a chance to remember why we love this place.