Monday, April 22, 2013

Early morning stillness

This was the view out my window this morning. We rarely get mist here, but all the rain has brought it in. I love the silent covering mists give to the earth.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Autumn Daybook

Outside my window...

The grey and green look of another wet day, and the scary thought is that for the moment we are enjoying it.

I am listening to...

Rain, refreshing, relaxing, restful rain.  We missed it heaps over our very long, very dry summer now it is so good to have wet days, a fire and just be. 

I am thankful for...

Beyond the rain, I am thankful for the end of our school term and one in which more has worked than not work. Lots of good things have been happening which I'll try and record as I relax over the next two weeks.

From the learning rooms...

We're at the end of the first term for the year. Since we have four terms its kinda our summer term, but that sounds really strange on a homeschool blog.

Looking back its been a long super busy term, way too hot for school, heaps of challenges but we've hung in there and done well. I'm proud of what they have achieved.

From the kitchen...

With my in-laws coming for a week, I'm trying to get my head around gluten free cooking - or at least lunches and dinners that  they can join us for. Its a challenge. I'm so used to using bread and pasta to fill out my shopping budget that I feel like I'm tossing 90% of my meal plans. Thanks to a big bag  of veges at the farmers market I think I have a least for the evening meals maybe this is the nudge I need to clean up the dependance on flour, but then fresh bread is so good.

I am reading..

We have just finished the Omnibus readings for the American Civil War - which showed a much deeper and complex situation that anything I had come across as a child. Then again American History isn't necessarily a priority when our public schools have our own history to cover.  We head into WW1 just as we come to our national commemoration of  the NZ/Australian  troops in Turkey. Nice timing.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

 The last few weeks have been  hectic, and busy, this week I am hoping we get to slow down and smell the roses.Tidy up the loose homeschool ends, spin, knit, catch up with the in-laws and try to relax.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Excuses not to fold the washing

The weather must be getting a little cooler if hiding in the washing pile is an option for a late morning nap


Saturday, March 30, 2013

First paddle on our local river

After weeks of juggling colds and flus, we took advantage of the long dry summer to kayak down our local river. Where we were was very gentle, just enough current to give the boys a little bit of fun, The white water is a long ways downstream. It was an easy paddle with a little bit of current for the boys to play in and a chance for us girls to sit back when we felt like it and just go with the flow.

Its been good to branch out from the lake to slow lazy rivers. I'm definitely content to rest there though and leave the white water to the boys. The question is whether or not after Monday hubby will be hooked.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Traditions

In the quiet of a Good Friday morning, our family is settled into the routine of Easter, passover dishes are being cleared, hot cross buns are cooking a slow simple day waits before us as we think on Jesus death and look forward to celebrating his resurrection.

There is a buzz and excitement that we wouldn't be without as we celebrate and enjoy the traditions we have built up, traditions with old roots, traditions that teach and yet give form to celebration.

Reflections on our sin as we search the the house for leaven  before passover, the recognition of the sacrifice as we celebrate passover, and as we use a Christianized version recognize the imagery of Christ our passover lamb, and communion, the slowness of Good Friday and expectation of Sunday morning.

 May you also be blessed in the celebration of Easter, and the redemption that Jesus has won for us!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Late summer daybook

Its been a while since I've posted here long enough to wonder how to resurrect the blog and what to say,  so a daybook seems to be the best place to start.
 Outside my window...

Blue skies, green leaves, and an overgrown rose garden that needs encouraging at the end of summer.We are awaiting the official calling of a drought, and after weeks without rain, the few drops we had yesterday sent us rejoicing.

I am listening to...

The rustle of papers as my youngest finished his Science, the washing machine finishing a last load, and peace

I am thankful for...

A settled school day, the start of the year with three children in Omnibus has been busy, and normally I feel the stress to keep going, after all its so easy to slip. The students however would rather be chilling and enjoying the summer...

From the learning rooms...

This year is busy, and with the heat its been slow going. Not quite the report I'm looking for, and I'm trying to see the positives, but often its just to hot to really work. Definitely looking forward to a Autumn, at least during the school week.

From the kitchen...

Omega plums on the bench waiting to be turned into jam. Hopefully this afternoon. Zucchini chocolate cake in the cupboard waiting to be iced for this morning. I keep missing the zucchinis when they are small, and so we have marrows, I really  don't like marrows of finding things to do with them.

I am reading..

Burke, "Reflections on the Revolution in France", Its a hard read, many swirls of thoughts, but a very interesting take on the relationship of Church and state, beauty and its effects on society and consideration of where we end up when we loose our heritage.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

 Last week was hectic, and busy, this week I am hoping we get to slow down and smell the roses.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Looking forward - Maths

For the last couple of years maths has been a subject on auto -pilot:

Miquon for the first years,

A mix of Keys to ... and Singapore for the middle years,

followed by Jacobs Algebra and Geometry.

While I have a mix of love maths children and bright but not so confident students this has served us well.

However since Jacobs only has the two books we are left looking for another program to see out the senior years. Veritas recommended that we move to Foresters, and we did. So far we are struggling through the first 4 Chapters, redoing, backtracking , trying to get our heads around the specifics and the proofs rather than intuitively accepting what we know, but the love of Maths is dying fast. The jump from one style to another needs a transition that we simply don't have.

 So I'm starting to look at the options. KHAN Academy is definitely one option, and my daughter likes it, but I'm not quite ready to take on a program which I can't plonk down on the desk in front of me and say yep there it is.

So we've taken a risk and purchased the Advanced Algebra book of Life of Fred. Hopefully it works, at least it should be fun, and right now having some fun back in school is what we need.

 But if anyone reading this has any thoughts, I'm still open to suggestions. I need something that will give a bright but uncertain young lady the confidence that she knows what she is going and will succeed.


Monday, December 10, 2012

The End of a Long year

2012 has been long year. Some really neat things have happened along with a lot of stretching and change.

It seems to have had more than its share of stuff packed into it. The year reads as a haze of...

Increased responsibility for Tony at the school he teaches at with becoming project managed for putting in the new computer system, hardware and software. 

Looking after my mum following a pesky skin graft, and them hubby misjudging the white on white of fuzzy snow while skiing and messing up his knee.

Lots of ups and downs at the ballet studio, but my girl finally got a Distinction for her exam and thoroughly deserved it.

New experiences as we were graciously offered homeschool opportunities for Bush-craft, Caving, Rock-climbing etc, through the organization that certifies the outdoor education leaders.

A trip to Christchurch for the long term research project that were my youngest is involved in and which compares the development of full term and prem babies.

 Its been busy, the blog has been neglected and now it is nice to see the end of the road, Christmas and summer ahead and time to regroup.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Patchwork Daybook

Outside my window...

Late Spring early summer, the irises have been a nd nearly gone, the roses are in bloom, the vege patch weeded and green. Outside is calling and its time to enjoy.

I am listening to... 

 "Never Once" by Matt Readman, even though I wasn't so sure about this CD when hubby brought it home last year, it has seriously spoken into the last few weeks. Right time right song. I have really really enjoyed this CD.

 I am thankful for...

A quiet weekend, a day in the garden, church this morning and just chilling this after noon while we waited for phone calls. The last few weekends have been busy, we have a wedding to attend next weekend and then ballet performances the week after. Peace now is special.

  From the learning rooms... 

We've been enjoying having company for a weekly Greek session, and its been fun since we all have different skills.

From the kitchen... 

 The first BBQ of the year. or at least the first family one, really easy, really special.

I am reading.. 

We're reading the Autobiography of Charles Finney, and The American Constitution in our studies. Finney is giving me reason to think deep, partly because my I came to faith in the charismatic movement of the early 80's and partly because the more it progressed the harder it was to see god, and the more human/hyped it seemed to be, Its nice to not be looking for the next spiritual high, nice to be on solid ground. nice to watch and see the wonder of God moving in beautiful, ordered, amazing ways that end up with the right thing happening, at the right time for, the right reasons. Other than that I'm enjoying a light week, time to catch up on sleep, time ot look ahead to Christmas.

A few plans for the rest of the week,,,

We're all hoping for a quiet settled week, and a chance to make some progress in school. At the end of the week we get to gather with family for a long overdue wedding. Looking forward to it!

 Here is picture thought I am sharing...

 Spring is Beautiful

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Maths Lesson

The math was so hard on that day, 
When number lines came to play. 
Digits more numerous than hay, 
Yet rightly used have a simple way, 
Which we may one day understand. 

The numbers go on, never end, 
 Not left nor right do they bend. 
And no letters do they ever send 
In lines that do not ever end 
Which we may one day understand. 

Some digits, positives are tumblers 
And Zero is no fumbler, 
 Negative numbers do not slumber 
Irrational be many a number 
Which we may one day understand. 

By the Artist 28 August 2012 

I love how subjects intertwine in a classical education, even if we aren't always enjoying them, and need to handle them in a different discipline.