Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rediscovering routines

Since we started back into the formal learning side of the year we've been working on a few new routines and more importantly re-instituted some old ones.
  • We've picked up a good book for story time - well some of us are enjoying  it  - we started on the Lord of the Rings - unfortunately it is a little on the scary side for my youngest. I want to read it aloud before my oldest gets to it in Omnibus. While the choice of book might be causing problems, getting away from the TV and back into a good story has been good. 
  • We have a new learning time routine - instead of trying to juggle each child individually we are running blocks of maths, Greek, Latin etc. I sit with the kids and work alongside in Latin and Greek, hand-hold everyone in maths, and mark/discuss when they head into their omnibus/science/ history type subjects.
  • I've turned morning tea into a mini circle time and brought back those CM things that I miss from our Ambleside days - artist, poetry and music studies, as well as a slot to work through the fallacy detective - which really is too much fun to do alone
  • The last change is more practical that fun - we dropped writing out of the daily plan and have consolidated it into our Fridays art and writing day. So far the fun projects have been put aside in order to do Classical writing. this is the change that still needs work. I love what classical writing covers, but I also enjoyed having a more fun project day.  Omnibus almost gives us the Omnibus but not quite. Doing both is an overkill and yet I haven't managed to find the balance yet.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A New Year

New Year's Sunrise - East Cape

I like the beginning of the year - time to get away from the routine, unwind and rest. Each new year seems clean and fresh when you simply sit and watch the sun rise on it. This year we got to enjoy one of hte first sunrises in the world - and fortunately it was clear enough to be able to enjoy it.

Coming back refreshed, time to think and plan, time to relax and enjoy. We school better when I'm relaxed. Much better - new year resolution Even Mum needs to take weekends off!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Medeival Madness

Note to self - don't plan to cook a medieval meal in the heat of summer. When everything is slow long cook - it gets really hot in the kitchen.

With my youngest being in the Feudal card of the Veritas Middle Ages History program I though it would be fun to turn our Sat Evening meal into a school celebration. But the we didn't have a starter or dessert - which well Sat night really ought to have. So we went looking and found a wonderful site with lots of recipes.We had fun planning and discovering. A Hot afternoon of cooking - not so fun and I hope a fun evening. Next time we'll save the Medieval meal until the weather is cooler.

The photos are from the local Medieval tournament a few years back - it was fun. We didn't make it this This year which was a good thing they got washed out - and the camp had to be evacuated - all in mid summer.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Summer Wanderings

We've been back for a while but the holiday rest and relaxation have continued as far as the blog was concerned... while we kept getting caught up with less than ideal weather the Summer break was just what we needed to set up the new year.

We wandered around the East Cape of the North Island. We found long beaches - we really should have camped at this one!

We Explored rock pools - lots of rock pools!

We walked and discovered.

Occasionally the weather allowed us to enjoy the surf...I did say occasionally?

Enjoyed the sunsets.

We Camped,

And finally we gave into the elements and headed for home - looking forward to returning later in the year for more fun.