Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Midwinter Daybook

Outside my window...

A Clear mid-winter sunset. Grey on grey tinged with pink as the sun slowly settles. Its been a beautiful blue sky day, just a tad cold but clear and fresh.

I am listening to... 

My boys playing battleships,  they are bored enough to have to pull out board games and work their way through old pursuits. Its good. We haven't been here in a long time.

 I am thankful for... 

Slow days and being able to sleep in, take time and move slowly, we'll start doing more and going out as the school holidays progress I think there is a trip to the family farm, and hopefully a day visiting the glowworm caves, but in themeanwhile we are still slowing down and getting on top of life.

 I am praying for.. 

 Friends and winter illnesses.  It seems to be that time of the year when everyone is either getting sick, recovering, or catching a new cold or flu.

From the kitchen.. 

One of the neat things about the hoidays is being able to sit at home, and listen to other people cook. Hubby is a great ccok, so are our kids, but normally I'm setting it up and heading out to being able to sit back and hear the sounds of others cooking while I write a blog post is cool.

From the learning rooms 

 I''m finally at peace with being able to do school or at least some school in the hoiday.. and not feel guilty.  Every holidays we have loose ends and every holidays I feel guilty...and this time nope were having fun, molding what a normal day is like, keeping good habits going and building new ones..and still sleeping in watching movies going out and about and having fun. Could be  agood plan for the rest of the year.

However I definitely have itchy feet curriculum wise and am seriously looking at what we should move into our day from a Charlotte Mason viewpoint. Its funny how one thought drives another. But I would like to bring back the things around the edges that we have lost over the years. Nature journals, picture study, composer's poetry etc. 

 I am reading.. 

Bondage of the Will by Luther, and enjoying it, discussions with the kids not quite so easy.  

A few plans for the rest of the week.. 

Ballet lessons and art classes got moved into the holidays this time around, a trip to the family farm for a day, a long day-walk in a nearby national park... the glowworm caves as a day trip, and hopefully thanks to some online vouchers dinner out with my and hubby...

 Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Some days you really wish you have a camera on you at all times...lovely red/cream kitty with black smudges getting carefully cleaned- up in the bathroom, after the boys have been playing with the toy submarine in the seeks his escape path...into the bath...oops...wet, bedraggled, unhappy cat. Funny though, very funny...

Unfortunately I only have the clean dry version on film

 A Daybook post in the tradition of A Simple Woman's Daybook