Sunday, November 25, 2007


I'ts been an interesting weekend.

Tiring, unsettling, the winds of change are in the air, but right now I'm not ready for change - not big stuff, which is good. I spent enough of Friday considering how comfortable I am being planted and knowing I don't want more upheaval. Relieved, because at the end of the weekend it's a nudge toward trusting God and moving our school a little closer to where he wants it to be ....

I struggle with keeping us on schedule, keeping the lessons ticking over, doing what we're supposed to be doing... by the way my kids don't believe in schedules ...

And if the truth be known most of the time I simply want to be caught up in exploring and enjoying the discovery.

But I want to know that the journey is a safe one, one that honors God and helps my kids to grow. Each time I pray it through I come back to a picture of a patchwork quilt. Lots of separate bits and pieces woven together into a beautiful whole. To weave that quilt means I have to be prepared to walk an independent way. To follow a school path that isn't neatly out of the box, to trust when we aren't on schedule. Maybe its just me learning that homeschooling isn't about being finished the book in the year, keeping on schedule and following the school year. And yes some times I are slow in learning I think i revisit this concept every year.

I can handle it a bit, but to simply wander and learn that scares me. To let the prepackaged stuff be part of the journey but not what sets the pace. Their pace always seems rushed to us, we keep loosing the joy, and stopping and hunting for it again.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Poetry Play

We all ended up writing poetry over the last week, so here are some of our creations

A Strange Flower

Yellow white center,
Creamy petals, green grass leaves,
Living together

Dancing in the wind,
Swaying like ballet dancers,
Gently looking up.

By Dancing Butterfly (10 yrs)

Says the mouse following the rat,
Meow, purr purr,
Said the cat looking for the rat,
Says the rat running from the cat.

By Happy Feet (7 yrs)

My Attempt,


Angry and buzzing
Rushing between the flowers,
Fuzzy energy

or inspired by one of the Iris's in the garden,.

Creamy white petals,
Cascading skirts of yellow,
Cascading iris.

I've enjoyed our times playing with poetry it's one of the highlights of this year.