Friday, October 28, 2011

Good-Bye Zeke

There has been a lot of sorrow in the family... our 10 year old Burmese vanished in the middle of Sept. The cat who always waited for me when we went out, sitting at the front of the drive, waited, slid silver round
the trees that mark our drive and disappeared.

Its been a long few weeks getting used to the silence and adjusting to the realization that he wasn't coming back.The question of what happened, the fears, and slowly saying goodbye.

He left a gap, a huge gap in the family. OK we realize that he was an incurable chicken bone thief, and well umm other dainties on the kitchen bench that tempted him, but in his eyes, and to an extent we appreciated him for it, he as our protector, and encourager. He tried his best to keep the neighborhood toms out, and yet  let the local family pets come and drink from his pond.

He knew whenever anyone was sick, curling up on their bed while they slept or simply cuddled him. He found our laps for nearly every story-time, and discussion, complained that he wanted in or out throughout the school day, sat on the table while we worked, or on the keyboard, or curled up in his basket with our other cat - his "girlfriend."

We miss him, soft gentle, loving, ok sometimes downright annoying, but very much and always a member of the family. We miss you Zeke, and seriously pray that heaven lets in cats...because we all want to see you again.

Catching up again.

Its been a while since I wrote, trying to keep up with school-work and following kids skewed the priorities, or maybe overtook them. Its been good over the last few months to dust off my old spinning wheel, making tme to enjoy the snow,  get pulled int sewing costumes for my daughter's ballet recital and enjoying spending time in the kitchen and the garden again. Not so much time spent blogging and recording it all. Lots to catch up on.