Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Planning

In the last few months a couple of friends have been putting weekly plans up on blogs to give them a place to organize what they are doing teaching wise with their family.

Planning is something that I struggle to get to the detail. I have a fixed schedule of what I want us to achieve, but don't pull it down to a level where I can check out whether we need to do all of the exercise, whether we need more or if thier are other things that would bring the lesson alive for the kids.

So I thought I would try blogging out or activities, using this page as a working canvas of what we are doing, and hope that in typing and thinking in words I can reduce the starkness that a plan of what we need to get through gives me.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Re-discovering School

Its ages since I've posted, somehow the redecorating got the better of me, and despite having moved more times than i want to remember and getting a house up and running in less than two weeks, this knocked us badly. Its only now that we are starting to feel settled - and all with only three days left in the school year.

School is starting to find its rhythm, late but its one of those years and finally I can smile about it.

So amongst the resettling this is what my naturalist has been up to...

Apologia flying creatures encouraged us to make a nest out of what ever we choose - only my youngest managed to get time to do this one but here is his results ....

It was fun to get back to including fun and play in our studies. Especially to let my eight year old remember he is eight.