Who we are

Hi I'm Valda,

Mum to three, ex accountant ok auditor, growing Christian, and sometimes too determined mum and homemaker.  Since I left school I've followed my feet one step at a time, I never thought I would end up here homeschooling, trying to make up for the deficiencies in my English education and learning a couple of foreign languages, but here I am. From school to the corporate, government  and banking, organizations, bible college...motherhood and homeschooling definitely happy where things went but also some days wishing teaching was as easy as adding up numbers!

My husband is a science teacher at a small school, small means he gets to do way more than just teach science, which is good, I suspect he would get bored without having lots of new things to learn and sort out.

My oldest is my Artist, she loves to dance and draw and write, languages are fun, maths and science not so much fun, reading well we are good at it but .... it was a struggle to get here and if its not Tolkien,  CS Lewis, or biblical then it doesn't really pass as fun. At least she has high standards. Like all of us being in the outdoors, walking or skiing is refreshing. She's also my guinea pig..not her favorite role.  We change how we do school  less now-days and that's good. New ideas and programs are scary.  Lest I forget her favorite activity is playing soccer, on a mixed team...being able to tackle without having to play nice...strange because in everything else  a delicate wild flower.

My middle child, is my engineer, creative, off beat, comic did I miss anything. He would rather be drawing out his ideas, or putting them together, or just hanging out an making us laugh. Sometimes school just gets in the way..really in the way. But he is also my turtle..he plods, thinks and digests everything. It hides underneath...he likes Omnibus.. he gets lots to think about. He likes computers - and wants to learn programing.  He's the snowboarder in the family..and yes that kinda sums him up.

Every turtle needs his hare...type we have one of those as well, he's always gone by the name of the Naturalist because he loves birds, animals and anything outside...but then when you are young being into maths, Latin and history isn't exactly cool. He eats most books in a day..maybe two if they are thick. Does he read them? probably. He certainly is our go to guy for history details. Instant recall, great memory.  But he's also my socialite, he wants to be in the middle of it, he cooks makes a mean pizza every week, and yep on ski's he just wants to prove he's the fastest. Although maybe some of that is just wanting to keep up with his brother.

And two very cute Burmese cats, one elderly Siamese wannabe...three chickens... and one lonely very fat mouse. In short that's us ...

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