Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Traditions

In the quiet of a Good Friday morning, our family is settled into the routine of Easter, passover dishes are being cleared, hot cross buns are cooking a slow simple day waits before us as we think on Jesus death and look forward to celebrating his resurrection.

There is a buzz and excitement that we wouldn't be without as we celebrate and enjoy the traditions we have built up, traditions with old roots, traditions that teach and yet give form to celebration.

Reflections on our sin as we search the the house for leaven  before passover, the recognition of the sacrifice as we celebrate passover, and as we use a Christianized version recognize the imagery of Christ our passover lamb, and communion, the slowness of Good Friday and expectation of Sunday morning.

 May you also be blessed in the celebration of Easter, and the redemption that Jesus has won for us!


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